A sophisticated and modern ambience for those looking for a jewel which breaks from tradition and looks to the future.

A place to admire multicoloured jewels offered on gold and silver settings.

Unique pieces to give and buy for oneself, not just an object but an emotion.


Anna Pia Berti's jewels are unique pieces, the result of meticulous research of materials and giving particular attention to fashion.

They are born from the idea that a jewel must not pass unnoticed, but must be an accessory in expressing the personality of the person wearing it.


From the iconic 'must haves' and contemporary jewels to the audacious which inspire the moods of the moment.

This is the suggestion of Anna Pia Berti in gold, diamonds and precious gems.


The class of a house can be seen by the silver it 'wears', for this Anna Pia Berti offers frames, silver and

Sheffield that range from modern to classical in high style luxury.